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Skills:Girls 20+, Lesbian

Info:Bit naughty, have a secret fantasy Love to be felt up, grabbed and groped all over. My fingers r in my knickers just thinking about it.

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Skills:Girls 20+, Lesbian

Info:Selfie Queen. I have a lot of intimate shots I can't wait to share with the right man. Chat with me and see my naughty pics.

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Skills:Girls 20+, Lesbian

Info:I'm Sabs am sooo horny. I'm am 18yr Kinky Female. Like it full on so please txt me back now.

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 2512


Carla B


Reviews:(5 Reviews)

Skills:Domination, Submission, Fetish, Girls 20+, Lesbians, Roleplay

Info:Hi my name is Carla, I have been a phone operator for four years. I love games, domination, submission, role play, fetishes and lots more...

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 8698


Gemma Xx


Reviews:(14 Reviews)

Skills:Domination, Submission, Fetish, Girls 20+, Lesbians, Roleplay

Info:Hi my name is Gemma and I am a gorgeous woman. I love being naughty. I am extremely broad minded and love any type of fantasy or fun play, and have experienced most of them...I can be your college girl, a hot nurse, a hot secretary, French maid, strict mistress, a naughty wife or girlfriend, do anything whilst you watch.. I love talking to men about knickers and lingerie and dressing you up as a sissy little too. Come and talk to me about anything you want, I would love to hear from you.xxx

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 9400


Naughty Natasha


Reviews:(9 Reviews)

Skills:Domination, Fetish, Lesbians, Roleplay

Info:I just want to do so many things! More than anything I like to dress up as a Naughty Nurse, that is my fave outfit with its zip that goes all the way down to reveal my pert breasts, sexy underwear and it is so short the reveals my bum cheeks. I provide that all important medicine to cure each and everything that you crave. I absolutely love to be attentive, naughty and passionate just for you. I really cannot wait to talk to you and find out what your deepest and dirtiest fantasies are. Whatever you'd like me to dress up as I guarantee I have just that little something in my sexy dressing up bag along with my thermometer, stethoscope, paddle and toys... can't wait to meet you! XX

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 6775


Sensuous Sharon


Reviews:(4 Reviews)

Skills:Mature, Domination, Submission, Fetish, Lesbians, BBW, Roleplay

Info:HI Guys I am Sensuous Sharon, I was born in Jamaica and I moved to London in my teens, I've still retained my black roots and my Jamaican accent comes out when I am feeling up for it. I am a fun-loving lady who enjoys the company of men of all ages. I love the sound of a man's voice and love to hear their groans of pleasure as they rub themselves. I believe that sensuous teasing during sex can prolong the sexual ache resulting in a deep, sensitive and prolonged orgasm. I am available to help you explore your ultimate fantasies, so choose me and let us explore your deepest needs. Let me bring different sensations to you which have long been denied.

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 3689


Susie Q


Reviews:(224 Reviews)

Skills:Mature, Submission, Fetish, Black & Asian, Lesbians, Roleplay, Transvestites

Info:Hi my name is Susie. I'm 5ft 6 inches, brown hair, brown eyes, slim built with measurements of 36,26,36. I'm a hot babe with impressive curves in all the right places and a mind that loves going to all the best naughty places. Want to join in with me?

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 5676




Reviews:(24 Reviews)

Skills:Mature, Domination, Submission, Fetish, Black & Asian, Lesbians, BBW, Roleplay

Info:Hello sweet things, I am a curvaceous woman with an ass to ride, slender waist, legs & double E breasts. My eyes are hazel and my hair is long with tight curls, just like the ones below. I can be what you want me to be and equally make you what I want you to be. Don't hesitate! Call me!

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 7914




Reviews:(3 Reviews)

Skills:Mature, Submission, Fetish, Lesbians, BBW, Roleplay

Info:My name is Adelle, a green eyed mature brunette with a nice pair of legs. I've been employed in the adult phone industry for four years during which I have enjoyed a man feeling good after having a chat with me. I respond very well to your wishes and love when a man makes me feel how a woman should feel. I can be your sexy lover, that dirty one, a sexy neighbour or maybe the attractive woman in the office. I am very broad minded and enjoy being adventurous.

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 1913




Reviews:(9 Reviews)

Skills:Submission, Fetish, Girls 20+, Lesbians, Roleplay

Info:I am an extremely naughty size six little Bi -girl standing at 5ft. I am a blond bombshell with my platinum locks brushing the top of my derrière! And she certainly is a peach for you! I love to squat and work my booty to keep her so so juicy!! That way she can match my perfectly pointy, yummy D cups. I love to role play and want to know what your fantasies are?!. I’m here in my panties waiting xx

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 5668




Reviews:(246 Reviews)

Skills:Submission, Fetish, Lesbians

Info:Hi guys and girls (yes, I'm bisexual), I'm Amy - 24 years old, tanned and toned. I love to be submissive and obedient for my men I also love women. I'm very open-minded and love trying new things. My fantasies are pretty filthy. I love older men too, so come have a chat with me.

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 0399




Reviews:(32 Reviews)

Skills:Domination, Submission, Fetish, Lesbians, Roleplay

Info:I might look sweet and innocent but I adore adult chat and role-play. I am an exhibitionist at heart and love the great outdoors. I love a man who knows what he wants.. but if you don't then let's explore each other's fantasies. Together we can have some fun or cuddle up and share some deeply sensuous, erotic pleasure. I'm willing to have my boundaries pushed.

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 1732




Reviews:(22 Reviews)

Skills:Domination, Submission, Girls 20+, Lesbians, BBW, Roleplay

Info:My name is Casey I'm a fit 22 year old blonde with a fun and bubbly personality. I love going out clubbing with friends I have a lot of fun. I’m always flirting with guys. I'm a good pole dancer. I go to Ibiza every summer and I like to meet guys in the club I usually get loads of champagne brought for me. I have a crazy high sex drive and I think about sex all the time. I have been told I have a nice laugh, would love to hear about your fantasies, so come and chat let's have some naughty fun. I love to rub bukkake cum all over me.

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 1571


Cathy Max


Reviews:(1167 Reviews)

Skills:Domination, Submission, Fetish, Girls 20+, Lesbians, BBW, Roleplay

Info:💋 A horny hello to YOU, and a warm welcome to my page. I'm Cathy Max, a playful pocket rocket who is fun loving and extremely filthy. 💋 Be rest assured whatever your kink may be, I can truly cater for your every fantasy. Whether you want to pop your phone chat cherry or share a deep dark secret, you'll find me interested and engaging throughout our time together. 💋 I may sound like butter wouldn't melt in my well spoken mouth, but spunk definitely does! When I'm online it is definitely for our mutual pleasure so I only wish to connect with people who make me happy. Sticky moments 💋 are my favourite kind to share! I absolutely adore the friendship and laughter that I experience with my gorgeous phone friends. Your ongoing support and affectionate reviews are very much appreciated. 💋 At the moment my play time is limited, so to make sure your cock hasn't forgotten me, why not sign up for a free text alert and be the first to know when my panties are wet and I'm available. 💋 I provide a very professional service and my revenue from this line is donated to charity so please be considerate with your call time. For gentlemen with stamina and who desire a special indulgence, 💋 I am delighted to offer exclusive sessions at your convenience. 💋 You'll find I'm very flexible, so make sure you fill a slot in my dirty diary soon, because I really want to spoil every inch of you! During these strange times keep Safe and Stay Spunky! 💋 Lots of Love Xx Kiss 💋 Kiss xX 💋

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 2319


Darcy X


Reviews:(0 Reviews)

Skills:Mature, Domination, Submission, Fetish, Lesbians, BBW, Roleplay

Info:Hello there. My name is Darcy, I'm 5'6 with blue eyes and long brown hair down to my backside. I am quite petite and very curvy - 38c, 28, 36 and I have a bottom that you can hang on you. I am a dancer so I am very very supple with slim long legs that i can wrap around your neck. My skin is olive. Playing naughty games is my favourite past time. I am into everything and anything. I love turning people on, it turns me on. If you are naughty or nice or anything in between we can have some fun. Come talk to me, let's play!

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 2058




Reviews:(18 Reviews)

Skills:Submission, Fetish, Lesbians, Roleplay

Info:Hello gentlemen, I'm Eddie. I have a tiny waist and very petite little hands. Right now I'm wearing a dark purple laced corset with a purple G string, and the best part of all some silky stockings.

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 7554




Reviews:(3 Reviews)

Skills:Girls 20+, Lesbians

Info:Hi, I'm Ellie, a red blooded, passionate, Slavic beauty. During the day I am quiet and demure, but when the Sun goes down, the fire burns. I enjoy all the pleasures life has to offer; from long, seductive, flirty chats, to the raging storm of desire. Whatever you're in the mood for, you can rely on me to take you on a tantalising, terrific journey of lust, heat, longing and explosive satisfaction.

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 9544




Reviews:(8 Reviews)

Skills:Domination, Fetish, Girls 20+, Lesbians, BBW, Roleplay

Info:Hi there guys, my name is Eva . I am a 27 year old bisexual girl, I am 5'11 with long black hair and blue eyes. I am a 36DD and have a very tight, athletic figure. I am currently dating a very sexy girl named Sasha and am getting loads of woman but don’t worry I still like a man.

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 6432




Reviews:(30 Reviews)

Skills:Mature, Lesbians, Roleplay

Info:Sweet and sexy with a voice like honey. I am an uninhibited bisexual leggy blonde who loves to play games and have lots of wild adventurous fun. I have a slim curvy figure, big green eyes and dimples when I smile. I am warm and affectionate and love to chat on the phone. I love to hear naughty stories and tell them too. I want to hear your wildest fantasies and share your hottest and deepest desires. I can anything you want me to be, your demanding mistress, obedient slave, fantasy playmate, your sweet little angel or devil. Take me into your world and let us explore it together. Call me and we will find ecstasy.

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 5369




Reviews:(113 Reviews)

Skills:Mature, Submission, Fetish, Lesbians, BBW, Roleplay

Info:I'm Belle, a sultry, brunette with curves in all the right places and I love showing off my tight sexy body. All I want to do is please and satisfy you, and trust me I know what I’m doing. I’m ready and waiting to hear all your fantasies and secrets. If you want sweet and demure then I’m your girl but if you push my buttons I’ll be your sex crazed slut ready for anything. You choose, I’m all yours, either way you won’t be disappointed. You’ll definitely want to CUM back for more.

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 6649


Isabella X


Reviews:(1 Reviews)

Skills:Submission, Fetish, Lesbians, Roleplay

Info:I am Isabella and I am a Bi-Sexual woman. I love text talk along with phone chats!. I have a variety of sexual interests and am very open about new things. I also have blue eyes and big breasts. I enjoy pleasing people and making sure females or males are always satisfied. If you would like to talk to me about anything then I'm your girl!!

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 1042


Jodie H


Reviews:(10 Reviews)

Skills:Fetish, Girls 20+, Lesbians, Roleplay

Info:Well, I notice you are looking right at me, so let me tell you why you should call me. I'm young, firm body but curvy assets. I have amazing breasts. My lips are gorgeous, soft, juicy and will totally have you in heaven. Jodie is my name and innocence is not my game. I want full on hot and steamy conversation. I wonder how long I will resist with you, come on put me to the test.

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 3863




Reviews:(10 Reviews)

Skills:Domination, Fetish, Lesbians, Roleplay

Info:Hi I’m Kiera, I’m a 5ft 6” 25 year old stunning brunette, I have long brown hair and hazel brown eyes to match, I’m a 36D cup with a lovely sexy figure, by day I’m a sexy receptionist and by night I’m a real nympho and I can be all yours right now, I’m very open minded and like to try new things at least once and often come back for more. I love fantasy and roleplay so we could fulfil all your fantasies together, I’m also a real fetish princess so if that’s your idea of kinky fun I will be just right for you. Basically I’d love to do anything that involves pleasuring you, I want to be your ideal fantasy girl, so you tell me what to do and I’ll guarantee you I’ll do it

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 2302


Lexi Blue


Reviews:(1 Reviews)

Skills:Girls 20+, Lesbians, BBW, Roleplay

Info:Hello my name is Lexi Blue, I am flexible and slender with long brown hair and big brown eyes. I am innocent but very willing to learn to pleasure you in all the ways you desire and you will love every second of it.

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 9577




Reviews:(15 Reviews)

Skills:Mature, Fetish, Lesbians, Roleplay

Info:Being mature doesn't mean old. I have a gorgeous pair of tits with large nipples and a bottom that loves to fondled. I always turn heads with my full figure especially as I always dress to tease. I'm sat on bed right now with my tits squeezed together in a little black lacy bra. My matching panties and stocking tops are already wet in anticipation of your call. I'd love to share my experience with you like when the courier who was delivering my latest viberator took me from behind over the settee, or the plumber who let me play with his 'tool' so call me now.

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 5086




Reviews:(4 Reviews)

Skills:Mature, Domination, Fetish, Lesbians, BBW, Roleplay

Info:Hello callers, I am Lizzie, a very experienced mistress. I specialise in all types of fetishes and anything legal is taken onboard. I am mature experienced sexual dirty lady all dressed up in my leather down in my dungeon dominating my male and female slaves. I am a very strict but understanding voluptuous lady of mature years. I have my own fetishes and would love to explore your most inner fantasies. I have big breasts, lovely round arse anda gold piercing on one of the lips. I am your attractive, feisty, dirty fantasy. Do not miss out...

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 3015




Reviews:(63 Reviews)

Skills:Submission, Girls 20+, Lesbians, Roleplay

Info:❤ Hi gorgeous guys, I'm Louise a sexy, petite very naughty brunette. I have 34E boobs , 5ft3 and I am a dress size 8. I absolutely love phone sex and love chatting to you all. I am a genuine, horny girl who is always up for some naughty fun! You will have an amazing time with me and I guarantee you will leave me fully satisfied, I can't wait to hear all your naughty fantasies and secrets. I have a high sex drive and am very open-minded, I love dirty talk, the filthier the better as far as I am concerned! I may look sweet and innocent but believe me , my mind is pure filth❤

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 3510


Lucy F


Reviews:(14 Reviews)

Skills:Submission, Fetish, Lesbians, BBW, Roleplay

Info:Hi Guys, I'm Lucy and I've been talking on Chatlines for almost 20 years and I absolutely adore talking about sex, as well as doing it of course! I have been a Swinger for over 10 Years so have had LOTS of fun. I am also a sexy Secretary in the City and have lots of fun at Work as well which I know is really naughty!! I love talking about everything to do with sex (it’s my favourite subject) and I'm very unshockable, you can try shocking me but no one has managed yet! I love talking about all area's things naughty and I would consider myself straight with a kink!

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 2820




Reviews:(16 Reviews)

Skills:Submission, Fetish, Girls 20+, Lesbians, BBW, Roleplay

Info:Hey boys, I'm Melissa from Birmingham. I'm 22 years old, 5'7" tall with gorgeous long red hair, size F boobs and a knockout hour glass figure. I'm a part time student. I'm bi-sexual (twice the fun) and would love telling my experiences to you. I'm very submissive, love to be controlled and told what to do. Heavily into extreme play.    

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 6734




Reviews:(29 Reviews)

Skills:Mature, Fetish, Black & Asian, Lesbians, BBW

Info:Hi there all you horny guys, I'm Mumtaz. I'm a slutty, horny, flirty page three Asian bitch. I am very experienced with sex chat and I know how to connect to a guy and make them feel good. I love to pleasure guys and fulfil their fantasies and desires. I am a specialist in bondage, submission, deep throating and gagging. I also love being showered with spunk. I love arse fucking, watersports, gangbangs, swinging and threesomes. Call me and have the time of your life.

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 1673


Natalie Symone


Reviews:(8 Reviews)

Skills:Domination, Fetish, Black & Asian, Lesbians, Roleplay

Info:I'm back, after a long break! A little more mature and experienced, I definitely have a few more kinks under my belt! I'm naturally dominant & assertive, and whilst I won't tell you what to think or like, I will certainly stretch your boundaries beyond what they were before! I love in-depth exploration of your fetishes, secrets, and fantasies... My Stats: Size 12, 36E-28-40 and 5'5 tall. Chocolate skin, almond eyes and dark brown, naturally curly hair. I proudly sport a beautiful bush down below ;-)

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 1045




Reviews:(3 Reviews)

Skills:Domination, Submission, Fetish, Girls 20+, Lesbians, BBW, Roleplay

Info:Your dirtiest fantasies can be reached with me, an imagined or conjured up sequence fulfilling a psychological need, i want to know all your dark sexual desires so we can have the hottest chat of your life, i will leave you wanting more, so if your ready to have the time of your life come and speak to me.

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 5529




Reviews:(6 Reviews)

Skills:Domination, Submission, Fetish, Girls 20+, Lesbians, Roleplay

Info:I'm Porchia, I've been a phone chat girl for a couple of years now. I really love to chat dirty and hear a man getting turned on as this turns me on too and I like to join in and have a little play myself. I will talk about anything I'm not shy. I like role plays, orgies, TVs, bisexual guys and girls bondage, submissive and dominatrix, the list is endless. I've been told I give the best bj's. Let me know if you think this way too after speaking to me..

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 1814




Reviews:(1 Reviews)

Skills:Domination, Submission, Girls 20+, Lesbians, Roleplay

Info:I can be as sweet and innocent as a virgin or the dirtiest little minx in town. I will be whatever you want me to be.. Your deepest, darkest fantasy is just a phone call away.. I'm very flexible, so I can get in any position that you can possibly imagine...Anything goes, general sexy chat or even just a caring and gentle conversation. This is your call and while we are connected, I'm entirely yours to do what you'd like with. So come on over and give me a call, I'm looking forward to hearing from you xxx

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 2977




Reviews:(10 Reviews)

Skills:Mature, Submission, Fetish, Black & Asian, Lesbians, Roleplay

Info:Hi there, this is Sexy Scarlett. I am a very sexy brunette, I'm a sexy 40DD and at 5'11 I have very long legs which lead up to a nice wet shaven pussy. I would love to get down to some hot kinky sex with you. I would love to please you in anyway while dressing up in my sexy outfits. So why dont you join me for the ride of your life mmmm I am waiting...

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 5347


Scarlett X


Reviews:(8 Reviews)

Skills:Fetish, Lesbians, Roleplay

Info:Hi boys, my name is Scarlett. I would say that I’m voluptuous, and I've been told that although my bottom is sexy and bouncy, its my very large tits that leave them gagging to get up close and personal with them. I have long dark brown hair, huge eyes that you can drown in, and have a mouth that I've been told can do amazing things. My speciality is kissing. I could kiss for hours, but it takes no time at all for my mouth to start wondering down, down… and down and I'm very flexible. Why have a body like mine if I cant share the love a little?! I'm available for a chat right now, so why don’t you call me and we can spend some time getting to know each other?

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 0054


Sexy Indian Lady


Reviews:(6 Reviews)

Skills:Submission, Fetish, Black & Asian, Lesbians, Roleplay

Info:Hello, I am a hot sexy, frustrated Indian babe. I am always up for open minded action. I have soft silky smooth skin and lovely hazel coloured come-to-bed eyes. I have nice brown hair and big melon shaped boobs.. I have a very slim and toned curvy body with a nice round tight bum. I am so frustrated and want you to call me...

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 6547


Sexy Sophie


Reviews:(3 Reviews)

Skills:Mature, Fetish, Black & Asian, Lesbians, BBW, Roleplay

Info:Hello guys! My name is Sophie, I'm a brunette with lovely green eyes, olive skin, 5ft 6 with a 36D bust. I have a nice round bum, I'm open minded & I love hot phone chat. I will play any games you have in mind, I just love role play & I love listening to your fantasies. I love to dress up & wear stockings, suspenders & I have many uniforms that I would be happy to put on for you. Let me give you what you need.

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 7965


Sexy Yvonne


Reviews:(1 Reviews)

Skills:Mature, Submission, Fetish, Black & Asian, Lesbians, BBW, Roleplay

Info:Hi I'm Yvonne, a bootilicious babe and I'm ready, willing and waiting for you right now. I love sexy talk so choose me and we can get it on! My naughty secret is that I love to talk about my favourite fantasy so if you choose me maybe we can talk about your favourite fantasy too! I would love to Talk naughty with you but most of would love to get to know you real well, so that we can get it on in any way you want. I'm expert in giving blow jobs and listening to all your desires so choose me...

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 2134




Reviews:(236 Reviews)

Skills:Submission, Fetish, Lesbians, Roleplay

Info:I have several years experience and I have had a lot of encounters. I am always hungry to experiment with you. I love dressing up, stockings, high heels, it makes me feel so sexy and hopefully you too. I have lots of uniforms if you want me to dress up for you to fulfil your fantasy. Your wish is my command, I enjoy exploring men and women. I aim to please you along with myself. Call me now and let the pleasure begin. x

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 7557




Reviews:(357 Reviews)

Skills:Submission, Fetish, Lesbians, Roleplay

Info:Hello sexy guys! I’m Suzanne. Hot, sexy and ever so sensual. I’m a petite, slim, feminine beautician from Yorkshire. Lovely long blonde hair and beautiful “come to bed right now” eyes. Natural big breasts with pale pink erect nipples. At 36E you’ll have more than a handful and a round firm spankable bottom. I’m softly spoken with a soft seductive voice but guys don’t be fooled as I have such a mucky mouth. You’ll soon find out how I got my nickname of Miss Potty mouth! Picture the dirty little bitch next door, posh totty look about me but pure filth. My expert dirty talk will drive you wild and whatever you want I can oblige. I can give you the full on girlfriend experience with lots of loving and romance or I can be your 3 hole slut always ready for action. I love dressing up in expensive lingerie and heels and taking you in to my sexy playroom. On my king size bed surrounded by mirrors and sex toys. Mutual masturbation with you is definitely a perk of the job. I live with my boyfriend but that doesn’t stop me getting horny with you, in fact it’s more of a turn on that he could be downstairs. Thankyou to all the guys that ring me regularly, we have amazing sexy times and have become great friends too. Big thankyou for all your reviews, I read everyone with a smile remembering our time together. If you find me difficult to get hold of then I’m always up for a phone date. Call me today and let’s explore our fantasies. Lots of love…. Suzanne xx

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 0592


Suzie K


Reviews:(12 Reviews)

Skills:Domination, Submission, Fetish, Girls 20+, Lesbians, Roleplay

Info:Hi guys, I'm a sexy Geordie girl who is always hot and ready to share my fantasies. I've got lots of them - the naughtier the better! My attitude is 'anything goes'. I love role play and fantasy. I'll try any fetish. Call me.

Call 0909 105 0917 and use PIN 3028




Reviews:(4 Reviews)

Skills:Mature, Domination, Submission, Fetish, Lesbians, BBW, Roleplay

Info:Hi I'm Tricia, I am bubbly, sexy lady who loves to chat with all the men. I am size 16 and loves to wear lingerie and sexy outfits.

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