Sex Text

Top 5 Sexting Tips For When You’re Apart

Top above high angle view portrait of attractive woman in bed in a maroon red bra taking a selfie on mobile phoneWith the current climate, some of us are having to find more interesting ways to get intimate with our partners.
Phone sex is okay if you’re comfortable with it, but plenty of people find it too awkward or don’t know what to say.
Another option is sexting. Where you just send each other naughty messages instead.

Here are our top 5 tips to get the most out of sexting.

Make sure you’re both into it.

Don’t start sending these messages if you haven’t explicitly agreed to it. The other person probably won’t want to receive anything like that if they’re eating their breakfast!
Check that it’s the right time and you’re both in the mood and you’re good to go.

Don’t forget foreplay!

This is just as important in sexting as it is in real life. You need to warm up!
You can’t just jump straight in to the ‘main event’, it’s not sexy. You both need time to get excited and the build up is half the fun. Find out what they like and elaborate on that.

Tease them.

Take your time and enjoy the moment. Don’t give away everything in one text. Send shorter texts that are more suggestive rather than overly descriptive. Let their imagination go wild with what you’ve said and it’s much more enjoyable for the both of you.

Live out a fantasy.

Now’s the time to give something a go if you’ve never tried it. Live it out through the messages and your imagination. It’s the perfect opportunity to tell your partner something you’d love to try so that you can test the water and see if it’s something you’d like to try once you’re back together again.

Try some roleplay.

If you’re a bit shy to try some roleplay in the bedroom, try some whilst sexting. It’s a safe environment to give it a go without needing to feel embarrassed about it.
If you’re used to doing roleplay in the bedroom then there’s no reason why you can’t continue it in sexting. Keep the fire alive!

Our girls are available 24/7 for some text fun, so you can hone your skills or find out what you like.