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Detox Tips To Boost Your Sex Life

January is the perfect time to examine lifestyle habits, and to make changes that can positively impact on your health, wellbeing and sex life.

If you’re planning to hook up with the crush that you’ve clicked with, on Sex Chat Site, you’ll obviously be keen to boost your prowess between the sheets.

A sex detox can rejuvenate your sexual performance and enjoyment, and renew your zest for life. Detoxing your mind, body and space allows you to reset your sex life so that it’s more passionate, fulfilling and satisfying.

With a few lifestyle modifications, your body’s natural detoxification system will feel like new, and ready to reboot your sexual energy and wellbeing.

Clear Your Space

There’s little point in boosting your sex life, if your bedroom is a mess. The space in which you like to have sex should be clutter-free and conducive to romance, passion and pleasure.

Clear the decks and clean the room from top to bottom. It’s worth investing in new luxury bedding, and a few décor accessories, such as candles and soft cushions, that help to set the mood for seduction.

Boost Your Libido With Good Food

The food that you eat can affect your libido in a number of ways. Consuming too much junk food can cause metabolic syndrome and hormonal conditions, and lower your sex drive. A nutritious diet rich in veggies, lean proteins, vitamins and minerals, on the other hand, can improve blood flow, heart health, and sexual stamina.

Your shopping list should ideally include: zinc packed oysters or shellfish, high protein lean meats like beef, chicken and pork, omega-3 fatty acid rich salmon, beets, nuts and seeds. Drinking red wine in moderation will perk up your libido too.

If you’re experiencing mild to moderate erectile dysfunction (ED), the compounds found in L’arginine supplements can help to boost blood flow where it matters the most.

Detox Your Body

While the food that you fuel your body with will help to reenergise your sex drive, how you care for your body is equally important. To be a sex-machine, you need to look after yourself properly.

Regular exercise is recommended for reducing the risk of health conditions such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes, improving energy, strength and endurance, and the management of weight. To maintain the body of a sex god or goddess, you should be moderate intensity exercising at least 150 minutes per week.

Being flexible in the bedroom elevates your chances of having a satisfying sex life. It’s therefore a good idea to compliment your physical exercise with gentle stretches or yoga.

Kegel exercises that involve contracting and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles are beneficial in keeping it toned up down below, to improve sexual function.

Charcoal-infused grooming products help to detoxify the skin. Charcoal acts like a magnet in attracting dirt, toxins and other impurities that make your complexion look dull or unhealthy. Giving your body a regular toe to top (upwards direction towards the heart) dry scrub with a stiff-bristled body brush benefits the lymphatic system, enhances blood circulation, and removes dead cell flaky skin, leaving your skin looking glowing and healthy.

Declutter Your Emotions

Your emotional health also plays a big part in your sex life. Whenever you’re feeling down or overwhelmed, your libido takes a hit. Anxiety, stress and depression can make switching off and relaxing difficult.

Releasing emotional burdens and unnecessary worry helps to cleanse the mind, so that you’re open to expressing positive emotions. To empower yourself, imagine your dream life in great detail. Think about your ideal career, love/sex life, happiness etc…

To help you identify what’s blocking you from having the life that you want, write down your thoughts about your present situations – in your personal, romantic, family and work life.

Commit to addressing the major issues in each area of your life.

Chatting and flirting with new people, on Sex Chat Site, can be therapeutic in healing past hurts. As you establish NSA connections with sexy strangers, you’ll begin to notice that you’re no longer weighed down with emotional baggage from the past.

Feeling free of these negative emotions also works like an aphrodisiac on your libido!