Sex Tips

How To Pull A One-Night Stand

Sexy woman on one night standFinding a one-night stand can often be challenging, especially if you’re new to the NSA experience or your flirting skills are somewhat lacking.

If getting up close and personal with a sexy stranger is high on the list of fantasies that you want to play out in real life, it’s definitely a good idea to upgrade your seduction techniques by chatting to friendly femme fatales and horny MILFS on SexChatSite. Your one-night stand sexual escapade will be a lot more fun, and successful, once you feel confident about your pulling abilities.

Pick The Best Hang Out

Hook-ups are seldom found at the sort of places where you could potentially meet someone that you can date and build a relationship with. To boost your one-night stand success rate, you therefore need to pick the best casual hook-up venue to hang out.

Lively bars, pubs or nightclubs are always a safe bet, when you’re looking to connect with a stranger who’s up for sex. Flirting on sex chat lines can also result in meeting up with someone for a casual kinky encounter.

Alternatively, you can easily make incall or outcall arrangements to enjoy the company of an exotic escort.

Check Availability

According to a recent sex study, around 70% of women have experienced a one-night stand. If you’re a guy who’s up for a hot NSA hook up, realistically there’s a good chance that you’ll find women who are interested in exploring their sensuality at a venue near you.

Whether you’re looking for your dream woman online, or at a local hangout, it’s crucial that you look for signs of availability. There are a number of common visual clues that you can rely on when spotting women that are just as keen as you to have casual sex.

Look for the woman who’s wearing a short bodycon dress that shows off her assets, is all dolled up with make up, and laughs out loud to catch the attention of others. Making eye contact with her will improve your chances of pulling a one-night stand. But if she’s having a good time with a group of friends, your chances of hooking up with her will be considerably lower.

When making connections online or via a dating app, don’t be shy about stating exactly what you’re looking for. A woman who’s open to NSA fun won’t waste time in letting you know that’s she’s up for it.

Don’t Try Too Hard

When approaching women you fancy, there’s a big difference between coming across as friendly and confident, and being overly machismo. Going OTT when flirting can give the impression that you’re trying too hard, or that you’re compensating for some shortcomings.

Relax, and strike up friendly banter with the hot babe that you’d like to take home tonight. Talk about general everyday topics, and share your likes and dislikes. This laidback conversation technique works equally whether you’re chatting up someone in a club or bar, or flirting with them on the UK’s leading adult phone chat line.

Be Real

To be successful at pulling a one-night stand, whenever you’re feeling horny, it’s essential that you don’t pretend to be something that you’re not. Be your real self and let women see that you’re genuine and the real deal.

Don’t be tempted to string a woman along with empty promises, if you’re only interested in a NSA arrangement. Be direct and upfront, but also respectful. If she’s not into casual sex, be polite but quickly move on. There’s little point in putting a great deal of effort into chatting someone up, if it’s obvious that sex isn’t on offer.

Don’t Make Sex The Goal

Around 55% of couples have sex on their first date, a recent study states. This means that you can realistically expect to jump into bed with someone you’re just met, if you’re frequently out on the pull.

While there’s nothing wrong about letting women know that you’re only looking for NSA adult fun, it’s vital that you’re not pushy with your approach. Flirt with the sultry seductress that you’ve engaged eye-to-eye contact with, and enjoy the mutual attraction without instantly making sex the end goal.

Letting go of any expected outcome allows you enjoy the dating experience, regardless of whether or not you actually pull a one-night stand.

But if you do get lucky, it’s a bonus!