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How To Look Good Naked – Quick Fix


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If you are embarking on arranging 1-2-1 dates, it’s essential that you learn the secrets of dressing to impress, and how you can look your best when you’re naked.

What’s Your Body Type?

To ensure that your appearance is appealing, it’s important that the clothes you choose to wear fit you properly. Ill-fitting clothes do very little to flatter your shape, size and body-confidence. Clothes that are too tight restrict your movement, and make you feel uncomfortable. Garments that are too loose and roomy fail to give your body definition, and make you look unkempt.

There are tons of resources online that will help you identity your body type and shape, so that you can revamp your dressing style and always look your best. When you wear clothes that fit you perfectly you naturally walk taller, with self-confidence and sex appeal.

Getting Naked

Once you know how to dress to flatter your body type, and to create a positive self-image that will impress your date, you need to consider how your body looks when you strip off and get naked.

It’s common for people to have some insecurity about their physical appearance. If you’re someone who takes great care over their health, diet and fitness, you may have total body confidence – in or out of clothes. Most people however, tend to have habits that play havoc with their body confidence, and may therefore be noticeably conscious of their physique not looking its best.

Luckily, there are some short-term solutions that will boost your confidence when you’re not wearing a stitch…

Instant Body Confidence Fixes

  • Appreciate your body

While you may not presently have the body of a ripped, muscular sex God, you do have a body that does a great deal of things for you. Appreciate your body by caring for it with healthy, nutritious food and plenty of water, and by exercising regularly. Quitting smoking and moderating alcohol intake is also beneficial.

  • Freshen up

Aroma places a huge part in physical attraction. Always ensure that you shower, wash your hair, exfoliate your skin, moisturise, and carry out all of your essential grooming habits. When you smell good, you look better.

Finish off your grooming with a subtle masculine fragrance to seductively intoxicate your date.

  • Good grooming

The easiest way to enhance your vital assets is to ensure that you keep your pubic hair well trimmed. If you prefer, you can always go Brazilian.

Prevent dreaded stubble itch in your manscaped patch by moisturising after shaving.

  • Posture adjustment

The quickest improvement you can make to your physical appearance involves posture adjustment. Present a confident and attractive self-image by pulling your shoulders back, pushing your chest out, and shifting your posture so that you instantly lengthen thighs and tighten buttocks. Lift your head and walk tall.

If you’re conscious of a flabby paunch, engage your core muscles to streamline your midriff. Practice this exercise daily, so that it becomes a learned behaviour. Cutting down consumption of processed foods, heavy carb-rich meals and carbonated drinks can also help to reduce bloating on date nght.

  • Go bronze

A golden glow spray tan can help to hide a multitude of small imperfections, like un-even skin tone and cellulite. Just make sure that the effect is sun-kissed and not mahogany.

  • Use eye contact

Eye contact is the most dynamic element of body language that you need to master. It’s what men and women use when flirting and trying to build mutual rapport.

When you want to turn up the heat with flirtatious banter, eye contact signals that you’re interested in progressing the connection. Momentarily holding each other’s gaze also draws attention away from other parts of the body.

  • Dim the lights

Soft diffused lighting not only creates a romantic ambience, it also makes your body look more svelte.

  • Enjoy the moment

As your own worst critic, you naturally perceive yourself to be less attractive than you actually are. Instead of worrying about your excess body hair or wobbly bits, focus on having fun without your clothes on. Your date will remember the erotic experience, not your perceived imperfections of your body.