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Fetishes: Are They Common?

Fetishes - woman in lingerie on leather sofa, with hands tied by chiffon scarf.Sexual fetishes are absolutely natural and perfectly healthy, provided they’re practiced safely and with consent from everyone involved.

You might be certain that you have a fetish, or you might have one and not even realise, but either way, you’ll likely want to bring it into any sexual relationship that you have.

Some of the more common fetishes might already be a part of your life:


BDSM stands for ‘bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism.

This is very common, but also might often be a bit much for some people as it can be quite intense.

You can always start with something slightly less daunting like tying your partner’s wrists together.


This is the sexual arousal from partaking in sexual activity outside. You have to be very careful as this is actually illegal, so to be safe and avoid a visit from the police, try opening your windows for a safer option but still with some exhilaration from the idea of people being able to hear you.


This is probably the fetish that you think of when someone mentions fetishes. Feet are a major erogenous zone which is likely why a lot of people enjoy a foot rub.

Some people just like feet, some like well pedicured feet, and some like feet in a pair of sexy heels (altocalciphilia).

 Lingerie/Sexy Underwear

Not all fetishes are particularly “out there”. Sometimes something simple like a nice underwear set, some tight boxers, or maybe something a little sexier, can really get your partner going.

Do some shopping together, or if you know it’s something they’ll like, surprise them next time you get down to it!

Whether you’d like to explore a well-established fantasy, or test the waters on something you think you’d really like, our gorgeous girls at SexChatSite are on hand with no judgement at all (they’ve likely heard it all before!) to help you live out your wildest dreams and deepest fetishes!