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How To Improve Your Sexual Communication

sexual communicationIf you want your sex life to be a multi-sensory experience that encompasses connection, closeness, intimacy and orgasmic pleasure, it’s vital that you improve your sexual communication.

When consenting adults are open to exploring desire and pay attention to non-verbal cues and a range of emotions, good sex is the outcome. Talking about sex really does help you and your lover connect and learn about each other.

On Sex Chat Site you’ll easily click with lots of hot, horny girls that you can practice your flirting and seduction techniques with. Chatting to a dirty girl about what you like to do in the bedroom is an important part of your sexual experience. You can also pick up some practical tips to put into practice when having satisfying, healthy, and safe sex with a partner.

Be clear

Although non-verbal communication, like having intuitive awareness of your partner’s response to your touch, is an important part of a sexual experience, it’s a form of communication that can be easily misinterpreted. The most effective sexual communication is clear, concise and direct, and is much more complex than simply saying “yes” or “no.”

Before engaging in any sexual activity, it’s essential that you both give consent. When you use clear communication, you can confidently set healthy boundaries and safely explore your mutual sexual needs, preferences, and desires. Communicating before, during and after sex establishes a deeper bond between two people that can also benefit the development of a romantic and sexual relationship.

Additionally, you’ll need to clearly communicate whether foreplay is important for you, and if you’re open to exploring sexual fantasies or playing with sex toys.

Respect boundaries

Unlike the steamy no-communication sex that you often see in movies, on TV, or in porn videos, real life intimacy comes with boundaries.

To be able to intuitively know how to turn your partner on, you first need to understand and respect their personal boundaries. When you feel ready for sex and what you feel comfortable doing are common healthy boundaries that sexually active people set. You may also want to consider how you want your body to be touched, and the way that your body is displayed to other people – naked, partially nude or suggestively dressed.

When you’re letting your lover know what your boundaries are, it’s also a good time to express your sexual desires and interests. Communicating what sexual activities you like and dislike, and what you’re willing to try will give your partner plenty of information and ideas on how to please you under the sheets.

Pay attention to non-verbal sexual communication

If you pay close attention during sex, you’re likely to spot countless non-verbal cues that can improve your sexual communication skills.

Being aware of body movements, and sighs and moans, can provide you with valuable insights into whether or not you’re doing something right.

The eyes, hands, mouth, facial expressions, and body can all offer subtle non-verbal communication cues that enable you to stay better attuned to your lover during sex.

Use positive statements

When offering practical sex advice to your partner, choose your words with care. Make positive statements that let your lover know that you like their hot moves.

Straightforward instructions that clearly tell your partner where you like to be touched, and whether you want it harder, softer, slower or faster is an efficient way to communicate your desires. Affirming when sex is going well gives your partner an ego boost and improves your chances of experiencing orgasmic bliss.

If your partner isn’t quite hitting your sweet spot, it’s a good idea to use encouraging words like “that feels good”, as you gently move their hand to the exact place that you want them to touch you. You can also convey a positive statement by adjusting your pace and body movements to match their sexual rhythm.

Engage in pillow talk

Talking openly about sex doesn’t have to feel awkward or difficult. Although it’s common to feel self-conscious or vulnerable exploring sex talk, especially with a new lover, communicating candidly will benefit your sex life in many ways.

Pillow talk allows you and your partner to let down your emotional guards and to feel more bonded. It can also lead to falling in love and stabilising a romantic relationship.

Feeling comfortable having honest conversations about health status and sexual history is as important as knowing the details of your partner’s sexual fantasies. Other healthy sex topics to cover during pillow talk include birth control and safe sex, and sexual activities that you’re keen to try. To learn about each other, ask questions and get feedback.

When you’re cosied up and enjoying sexual afterglow, it’s the perfect time to let your partner know that you love the way they use their tongue on you, or how turned on you are by their sexual prowess and creative lovemaking. Talking about how good your past lovers were in the sack is best avoided though.


Sex Tips

How To Connect With Someone You Fancy

loving couple

There are many reasons why some men and women find that meeting people in real life can be a challenge. The demands of a hectic work life can often compromise your dating life, and how you connect with a potential new love interest.

On SexChatSite, you can practice your best flirting techniques while you chat to friendly hot and dirty girls on the UK’s leading adult phone sex chat line, in your spare time. When you’re ready to play catch up in your dating life, your boosted self-confidence will enable you to easily connect with someone that you really fancy.

Have realistic expectations

Dating can be an intense experience. Especially if you’re out of practice or somewhat shy. Having realistic expectations can help to minimise first date nerves and pressure, and won’t make you feel overwhelmed about getting everything right.

With a fresh approach, dating can be an enjoyable and fun experience, whether you’re looking for casual dating opportunities or you’re keen to find your perfect match. It makes total sense to take baby steps, instead of rushing in to make a commitment to someone you fancy.

Make micro-commitments

Instead of asking someone you fancy for a date during your first communication, keep it low key and introduce a few micro-commitments to test the water.

A micro-commitment is just like a baby step that leads you to your goal, without any pressure involved. Instead of rushing in and asking your POI on a fancy dinner date, invite them to join you for a hot beverage at their favourite coffee shop. Or agree to meet up for walk at a local beauty spot, so that you can get to know each other better.

Micro-commitments allow you to gauge whether or not there’s any chemistry before you get too invested in building a relationship with someone you fancy.

Build rapport

Chatting and flirting online, or via text messages, is an excellent way to make a connection and build rapport. Flirty banter can quickly lead to a first date, and much more, provided that the attraction is mutual.

To establish rapport, start by finding common ground with your POI. Engaging in small talk, and chatting about things you like and dislike, will quickly make you both feel at ease with each other.

Have a game plan

To make a great first impression, when you’re connecting with someone you fancy in person, it’s essential that you have a game plan in mind.

To make an emotional connection, focus on building rapport and ask plenty of open-ended questions. Ask your date about their childhood and past, and encourage them to share stories about what’s going on in their life in the present moment. You can also quiz your date about their future plans and what they want to achieve in life.

It’s also good to have a mental list of hot topics and other general questions you can ask to keep the conversation flowing. And if you want to gain an advantage over other potential dating suitors, it’s worth avoiding the usual “what do you do for a living” type questions. Instead, exercise your imagination and come up with intriguing alternatives that will pique your date’s interest and score you valuable brownie points.

Be a good listener

There’s no point asking your POI to share personal information, if you’re not bothered about paying attention. When you’re chatting with someone you fancy, it’s easy to pick up on little details that you can use to your advantage later on.

You can learn a lot about someone when they share a story, or as you’re comparing your mutual likes and dislikes. Storing important details, like their birthday, favourite foods, books, movies or songs in your memory bank will give you tons of stuff to talk about in the future, as well as opportunities to surprise them with your recall.

You can also listen out for clues that hint at their interest in you.

Be yourself

To really connect with someone you fancy, it’s vital that you’re authentic and true to yourself. Acting like you’re someone else, to impress a date, is never recommended.

Relax, and let your natural charm and dazzling personality do its thing. Let your POI see beyond the surface level, by connecting with them in the same way that you do with a good friend.

Allow the connection to deepen naturally. Spending time together doing fun activities that you love, and sharing new experiences, will give the connection time and space to grow into the secure relationship of your dreams

Sex Tips

Why Sex Chat Is Better Than Watching Porn

When you’re feeling hot and horny, watching porn can certainly ramp up the excitement and help you achieve instant sexual gratification. Viewing skin flicks on your own, or in the company of a sexual partner, may still be somewhat frowned upon by society, but it’s a habit that can be difficult to break if it’s what you rely on to get your rocks off.

Sex Chat offers an alternative, and more healthy way to satisfy your lusty craving.

Porn problems

The more frequently you use porn, and the longer the periods of viewing, the more likely you’ll feel that your interest in dating, romance, and building and maintaining intimate connections is dwindling.

Watching erotic material has never been more accessible, affordable and anonymous. The top porn sites claim to receive over 2,000 hits per second! It’s the promise of a ‘quick fix’ that draws the curious viewer in, and the vast bounty of videos is what entices them to visit the sites time and time again.

While being able to view your favourite kinky porn videos 24/7 may seem appealing, research studies show that frequent porn use can actually lead to less sexual satisfaction, a lack of interest in relationship commitment, and more infidelity. That’s because pornography entertainment desensitises you to sex and offers an unnaturally intense escapism that’s out of touch with reality.

Horny guys who watch porn on a regular basis may view all women as sexual objects, and have a reduced empathic connection to females. Using porn as a substitute for the real thing can have negative consequences on social skills, and may also lead to depression.

To avoid becoming hooked on porn, it’s a great idea to chat and flirt with sexy strangers via adult phone chat numbers. On sex chat lines, you’ll find the hottest and dirtiest girls in the UK waiting to exchange steamy flirtatious banter with you, whenever you’re in the mood for raunchy solo phone sex.

Sex chat benefits

Having virtual sex with a gorgeous babe that you’re flirting with on the phone offers many benefits:

You can pick and choose the type of woman that most gets you hot and bothered, and easily engage in a real-time two-way conversation that focuses entirely on your pleasure.

Sharing sexual fantasies with a buxom blonde MILF, a submissive redhead or a bubbly brunette BBW is much more entertaining and thrilling than simply staring at an erotic video on a small screen.

Don’t be shy about practicing your flirting techniques. An experienced exotic temptress can teach you a thing or two about seduction, and help you upgrade your dating style.

As the conversation flows, you can ask your favourite dirty girl to describe in great detail what she’d like to do with you. Your imagination will run wild as you relax and visualise an intimate scenario that’s pure pornography.

Once you feel totally relaxed, chatting and flirting on the phone, you can spend time naked in the comfort of your personal space, and enjoy a real-time sexual encounter. The naughty phone chat girl of your dreams knows exactly how to tantalise you with roleplay games that lead to a happy ending.

Healthy sex habits

To establish sex habits that are healthy, it’s important to moderate your kinks.

If you’re single and dating, exploring your sexuality is a healthy wellbeing practice. Sex chatting on adult sex lines is a great way to express your secret desires and fetishes, and to try something different. Sex talk on the phone is far less intimidating than sharing your fantasies face to face with a stranger.

If you’re in a relationship, it’s healthy to admit that you have a porn habit, or that you like to flirt with sexy girls on adult chat lines. Your partner may share your naughty interest, or be intrigued to find out what the habit does for you. Occasionally watching porn together can spice up your love life and teach you both new sex moves to try out in the bedroom.

If you love watching two-dimensional porn videos, solo or with a lover, because they intensify your orgasmic pleasure, reserve the pornographic entertainment as a special treat. Limiting your viewing of porn will give you more time to improve your social life and to make potential romantic connections. In the meantime, SexChatSite is the ideal place to hook up with a flirty playmate for unlimited seduction technique practice

Sex Tips

How To Get Your Mojo Back After A Break Up

When your mojo is working like a charm, life is good. You’re bursting with energy, everything works out for you, and your love life is passionate and fulfilling. Your mojo is what makes you special and unique. It’s the natural charisma that you possess that effortlessly draws people and opportunities towards you.

Maintaining your mojo can take a lot of out you, as it’s an unpredictable and temporary state of being that’s often influenced by external sources and situations. The experience of rejection can cause your mojo to instantly lose its shine and potent power, and to set off an emotional chain reaction that negatively impacts on your energy, drive, motivation and zest for life.

A relationship break up can make your colossal magical, powerful and dazzling mojo shrink to the size of a dried up pea overnight. And it can even make your mojo disappear!

But don’t despair because it is possible to get your mojo back…

Raise your vibe

When your mojo isn’t working properly, your energy becomes stifled and stagnant. You lack the desire to do things that you previously enjoyed, and everything requires too much effort.

A break up can leave you questioning your identity, self-worth, and what you want from life. Feeling rejected lowers your vibe and makes you think that you’re not good enough.

While it can be difficult to muster up any enthusiasm when your mojo is in hiding, it’s absolutely essential that you focus on raising your vibe. Having a low energetic vibration keeps you stuck in a negative state of mind, and languishing in a dark mood that isn’t doing you any good. This low vibe state of being also attracts more of the same – rejection, lack, and bad luck.

Creating new habits can help you fire up your mojo again. Start with something small, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. Changing up your regular everyday routines, wearing different colours, eating healthy foods, and visiting new places can all positively impact on elevating your vibe.

Chatting to horny hot girls on SexChatSite is a great way to boost your self-esteem and confidence, after a break up. The fun and flirty interactions will stroke your ego and gently poke your mojo back to life.

Set a challenge

A healthy mojo that’s firing on all cylinders pushes you towards achieving your desires, dreams and goals in life. When it takes a knock, after a break up, it can seem impossible to ever get it revved up again.

To shake up your energy, set yourself a challenge or two. Dare yourself to step out of your comfort zone and accept an invitation to socialise with friends, even when you don’t feel quite up to it. Being around energised people is positive for your mojo’s rejuvenation. Just make sure that you’re hanging out with high vibe friends that don’t drain your energy.

Take up a new hobby or sport, or learn something that you’ve always wanted to be able to do. Up your game at work by looking for fresh ways to increase your efficiency and productivity. Do a good deed for a stranger, and don’t expect anything in return.

Take it easy

Wallowing in self-pity after a break up may feel comforting and soothing, but it does little to motivate your mojo to spring back into action. If you find your thoughts drifting to the past, go easy on yourself. Do your best not to dwell on memories or on what-might-have-been. Instead, it’s best to accept the current situation and to focus on creating new life goals.

While you may not yet be ready to get back out on the dating scene, and to meet new people, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a mojo pick-me-up from time to time. Chatting to dirty milfs and filthy cougars on SexChatSite can work wonders for a deflated mojo, after a relationship break up.

Change your filter

Your mindset is incredibly powerful. It can influence whether you see life as being a glass that’s half empty or one that’s full, and if you’re deserving of love, happiness and all good things.

To change your filter, learn to take responsibility for your thoughts, beliefs and actions, and accept how they impacted your broken relationship. Focus on healing your heart by exploring any emotional baggage that you’ve been lugging around for some time. Let go of the past, and take empowered steps towards a happier future, with a magnificently shiny and magnetic mojo for company.

Sex Tips

5 Reasons To Indulge In More Kissing

2 girls kissing

A perfectly timed kiss can make everything better. When you pucker up for a smooch, you highlight attraction and chemistry, and enjoy a ton of wellbeing benefits in the process. Want a reason to indulge in more kissing?

Kissing has the power to trigger the cuddle hormone oxytocin, to enhance intimacy, and to make you feel more connected to the one you love. Maybe you’re loved up and in a committed relationship, kissing your partner regularly can boost your life expectancy by an estimated five years!

If you’re single, chatting with friendly strangers on Sex Chat Site can help to improve your flirting techniques, and therefore open up the possibilities of enjoying passionate kissing when dating.

If you’ve lost that loving feeling, here are 5 reasons why indulging in kissing should be a priority on your to-do-list…

  1. Kissing Makes You Happy!

Giving or receiving sweet and tender kisses makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The pleasure centres of the brain are triggered to release the ‘happy hormones’ –oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin – whenever you kiss someone that you like.

To maximise the delicious experience, close your eyes and lose yourself in the feelings and rhythm that come with kissing. You’ll also sense a rush of feel-good endorphins in the body activating a euphoric feeling that boosts your mood, happiness and wellbeing.

  1. Kissing Lowers Stress

Kissing is far more than just a pleasurable experience. It’s a healthy practice that can reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

Regular lip-to-lip contact is beneficial in triggering a range of psychological processes that unleashes feel-good chemicals into your body. When engaged in kissing, your level of the stress hormone cortisol lowers, making you feel more relaxed with each kiss. Oxytocin also decreases, allowing anxiety to melt away.

  1. Kissing Boosts Your Immune System

The most fun way to boost your immune system is to indulge in French kissing with someone you fancy. Swapping spit exposes you to microbiota and new germs that can boost your immunity.

To perfect your French kissing style, start with light pressure and slightly puckered lips. Don’t go all in with your jaw wide open like you’re about to devour your lover. Keep your lips slightly parted and allow the kiss to naturally escalate. Gradually opening your mouth wider will give your partner access to your tongue.

To signal that you want to add tongue to the kiss, gently sweep the tip of your tongue over their lips, or insert it slightly between their lips. Use your tongue lightly and gently to explore their lips, tongue, and mouth.

  1. Kissing Enhances Intimacy

Sharing a passionate kiss with your lover enhances intimacy. Kissing builds an emotional attachment between two people, and promotes a feeling of togetherness. It also helps to strengthen the relationship bond.

Kissing can fire up your sexual arousal and libido for red-hot passion, sexual exploration and gratification. Because saliva contains the sex hormone testosterone, the longer and more passionately you kiss, the greater the intensity of intimacy euphoria. After sex, kissing can lead to a sense of calm and a feeling of bliss.

When you’re up close and personal with your lover make kissing an integral part of foreplay. Instead of going straight for the lips, take your time kissing other parts of the face…like the cheeks, the nose, the corners of the eyes, the ear lobes, and the neck, to build up the sensual anticipation and excitement. The teasing approach also sets the pace for sex.

Taking a brief pause in between kisses allows you to create a romantic moment for gazing deeply into each other’s eyes and embracing the intense chemistry.

  1. Kissing Keeps You Young

Kissing requires a physical workout that exercises up to 30 muscles in your face. It’s therefore not surprising that kissing often can help you retain a youthful appearance and radiant glow.

While working out 30 facial muscles can burn up between 2-6 calories a minute, fully engaging in passionate tongue tangling French kissing produces an impressive 26 calories a minute burn! Regular hot and steamy kissing sessions can tone up your facial muscles, and increase the collagen production that contributes to plumper, younger-looking skin.

Now that you know the 5 top reasons why indulge in kissing is so good for you, there’s no excuse not to pucker up at every opportunity. While you’re busy flirting with dirty girls and horny babes on SexChatSite – the UK’s leading adult sex chat line – you can dream about indulging in romantic and seductive kissing that benefits your wellbeing.

Sex Tips

How To Pull A One-Night Stand

Sexy woman on one night standFinding a one-night stand can often be challenging, especially if you’re new to the NSA experience or your flirting skills are somewhat lacking.

If getting up close and personal with a sexy stranger is high on the list of fantasies that you want to play out in real life, it’s definitely a good idea to upgrade your seduction techniques by chatting to friendly femme fatales and horny MILFS on SexChatSite. Your one-night stand sexual escapade will be a lot more fun, and successful, once you feel confident about your pulling abilities.

Pick The Best Hang Out

Hook-ups are seldom found at the sort of places where you could potentially meet someone that you can date and build a relationship with. To boost your one-night stand success rate, you therefore need to pick the best casual hook-up venue to hang out.

Lively bars, pubs or nightclubs are always a safe bet, when you’re looking to connect with a stranger who’s up for sex. Flirting on sex chat lines can also result in meeting up with someone for a casual kinky encounter.

Alternatively, you can easily make incall or outcall arrangements to enjoy the company of an exotic escort.

Check Availability

According to a recent sex study, around 70% of women have experienced a one-night stand. If you’re a guy who’s up for a hot NSA hook up, realistically there’s a good chance that you’ll find women who are interested in exploring their sensuality at a venue near you.

Whether you’re looking for your dream woman online, or at a local hangout, it’s crucial that you look for signs of availability. There are a number of common visual clues that you can rely on when spotting women that are just as keen as you to have casual sex.

Look for the woman who’s wearing a short bodycon dress that shows off her assets, is all dolled up with make up, and laughs out loud to catch the attention of others. Making eye contact with her will improve your chances of pulling a one-night stand. But if she’s having a good time with a group of friends, your chances of hooking up with her will be considerably lower.

When making connections online or via a dating app, don’t be shy about stating exactly what you’re looking for. A woman who’s open to NSA fun won’t waste time in letting you know that’s she’s up for it.

Don’t Try Too Hard

When approaching women you fancy, there’s a big difference between coming across as friendly and confident, and being overly machismo. Going OTT when flirting can give the impression that you’re trying too hard, or that you’re compensating for some shortcomings.

Relax, and strike up friendly banter with the hot babe that you’d like to take home tonight. Talk about general everyday topics, and share your likes and dislikes. This laidback conversation technique works equally whether you’re chatting up someone in a club or bar, or flirting with them on the UK’s leading adult phone chat line.

Be Real

To be successful at pulling a one-night stand, whenever you’re feeling horny, it’s essential that you don’t pretend to be something that you’re not. Be your real self and let women see that you’re genuine and the real deal.

Don’t be tempted to string a woman along with empty promises, if you’re only interested in a NSA arrangement. Be direct and upfront, but also respectful. If she’s not into casual sex, be polite but quickly move on. There’s little point in putting a great deal of effort into chatting someone up, if it’s obvious that sex isn’t on offer.

Don’t Make Sex The Goal

Around 55% of couples have sex on their first date, a recent study states. This means that you can realistically expect to jump into bed with someone you’re just met, if you’re frequently out on the pull.

While there’s nothing wrong about letting women know that you’re only looking for NSA adult fun, it’s vital that you’re not pushy with your approach. Flirt with the sultry seductress that you’ve engaged eye-to-eye contact with, and enjoy the mutual attraction without instantly making sex the end goal.

Letting go of any expected outcome allows you enjoy the dating experience, regardless of whether or not you actually pull a one-night stand.

But if you do get lucky, it’s a bonus!