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5 Reasons To Indulge In More Kissing

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A perfectly timed kiss can make everything better. When you pucker up for a smooch, you highlight attraction and chemistry, and enjoy a ton of wellbeing benefits in the process. Want a reason to indulge in more kissing?

Kissing has the power to trigger the cuddle hormone oxytocin, to enhance intimacy, and to make you feel more connected to the one you love. Maybe you’re loved up and in a committed relationship, kissing your partner regularly can boost your life expectancy by an estimated five years!

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If you’ve lost that loving feeling, here are 5 reasons why indulging in kissing should be a priority on your to-do-list…

  1. Kissing Makes You Happy!

Giving or receiving sweet and tender kisses makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The pleasure centres of the brain are triggered to release the ‘happy hormones’ –oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin – whenever you kiss someone that you like.

To maximise the delicious experience, close your eyes and lose yourself in the feelings and rhythm that come with kissing. You’ll also sense a rush of feel-good endorphins in the body activating a euphoric feeling that boosts your mood, happiness and wellbeing.

  1. Kissing Lowers Stress

Kissing is far more than just a pleasurable experience. It’s a healthy practice that can reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

Regular lip-to-lip contact is beneficial in triggering a range of psychological processes that unleashes feel-good chemicals into your body. When engaged in kissing, your level of the stress hormone cortisol lowers, making you feel more relaxed with each kiss. Oxytocin also decreases, allowing anxiety to melt away.

  1. Kissing Boosts Your Immune System

The most fun way to boost your immune system is to indulge in French kissing with someone you fancy. Swapping spit exposes you to microbiota and new germs that can boost your immunity.

To perfect your French kissing style, start with light pressure and slightly puckered lips. Don’t go all in with your jaw wide open like you’re about to devour your lover. Keep your lips slightly parted and allow the kiss to naturally escalate. Gradually opening your mouth wider will give your partner access to your tongue.

To signal that you want to add tongue to the kiss, gently sweep the tip of your tongue over their lips, or insert it slightly between their lips. Use your tongue lightly and gently to explore their lips, tongue, and mouth.

  1. Kissing Enhances Intimacy

Sharing a passionate kiss with your lover enhances intimacy. Kissing builds an emotional attachment between two people, and promotes a feeling of togetherness. It also helps to strengthen the relationship bond.

Kissing can fire up your sexual arousal and libido for red-hot passion, sexual exploration and gratification. Because saliva contains the sex hormone testosterone, the longer and more passionately you kiss, the greater the intensity of intimacy euphoria. After sex, kissing can lead to a sense of calm and a feeling of bliss.

When you’re up close and personal with your lover make kissing an integral part of foreplay. Instead of going straight for the lips, take your time kissing other parts of the face…like the cheeks, the nose, the corners of the eyes, the ear lobes, and the neck, to build up the sensual anticipation and excitement. The teasing approach also sets the pace for sex.

Taking a brief pause in between kisses allows you to create a romantic moment for gazing deeply into each other’s eyes and embracing the intense chemistry.

  1. Kissing Keeps You Young

Kissing requires a physical workout that exercises up to 30 muscles in your face. It’s therefore not surprising that kissing often can help you retain a youthful appearance and radiant glow.

While working out 30 facial muscles can burn up between 2-6 calories a minute, fully engaging in passionate tongue tangling French kissing produces an impressive 26 calories a minute burn! Regular hot and steamy kissing sessions can tone up your facial muscles, and increase the collagen production that contributes to plumper, younger-looking skin.

Now that you know the 5 top reasons why indulge in kissing is so good for you, there’s no excuse not to pucker up at every opportunity. While you’re busy flirting with dirty girls and horny babes on SexChatSite – the UK’s leading adult sex chat line – you can dream about indulging in romantic and seductive kissing that benefits your wellbeing.